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Kanka 1.7 – It’s all about dashboards

Dear Kanka users, we’re releasing features from our latest roadmap, improving dashboards once again.

New features for dashboards

Boosted campaigns have some new options for the dashboard. An entity’s attributes can now optionally be displayed on the preview widget. When previewing a family or organization, its members can now also be displayed.

dashboard attributes and members options

For Boosted and standard campaigns, the recently modified widget can now have filters if the widget is set to a specific entity type. For example, show all dead characters or locations of the “kingdom” type.

dashboard recent filters

We’ve added a new interface to edit the campaign header directly from the dashboard setup page. This should clear confusion for new users about the campaign header.

dashboard campaign header widget form

The unmentioned widget now ignored tags, attribute templates and conversations.

The random widget’s custom name can now reference the entity’s name with {name}.

Lastly, you can now change the dashboard of a widget when editing it.

Kanka in het nederlands!

Kanka is now available in Dutch thanks to the amazing work of ThatChickenGuy. If you want to help translate Kanka into your language, contact us on the Discord.


We’ve spent a lot of time improving some interfaces again for Project Njord. This time around, we focused on the list of entities. Most notably, the action buttons to the right of a list have been improved. Firstly, we’ve removed the view button from the list because it wasn’t being clicked on. We’ve added a dropdown to quickly access the abilities, inventory and relations of an entity instead.

datagrid new entity action

Lastly, we’ve also re-worked the bulk action buttons at the bottom of the lists, only showing the most used features by default.

bulk datagrid actions redesign

We recently changed the page footer on the front-facing pages, and have now pushed those same changes to the app footer.

A character’s personality traits will now render advanced mentions.

Abilities have a new “entities” subpage that show entities that have the ability currently displayed.

When viewing an entity’s inventory, groups can now be collapsed by clicking on the group header.

A calendar’s reminders subpage now includes the entity type field. Ordering entities by the entity type is now possible on this page.

When creating an entity from a template, the copy options (attributes, entity notes, etc) will automatically be selected.

Lastly, we’ve added a FAQ page about deleting your account.

API Changes

The organisations API endpoint now returns an array of members in the members key, instead of a count of how many members are in the organization. This change is both on the list of organizations and on a single organization endpoint.

Fixed the documentation mentioning organisation-members instead of organisation_members as the URL.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with pinned relations now showing on tags.

The default user image is now more visible on the non-default themes.

Fixed the colour selector for non-default themes. It now looks okayish!

Added the parent note filter on the notes list.

Fixed a bug when a non-admin added an ability on an entity.

Images in map markers won’t stretch larger than the sidebar or the popup anymore.

Fixed an issue with map markers where once a marker had an entity, it could no longer be removed.

That’s it for 1.7! Our next update will include a few more goodies for dashboards, and also our first steps towards the marketplace content packs!

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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