kanka dashboard roadmap 2021

Roadmap April 2021 – Dashboard improvements for more customisation

Our subscribers and Patrons have finished voting on our latest community vote. It was once again a tight race, with two options vying for domination, but Dashboard improvements ultimately kept its lead. With Kanka 1.6 just released, we’ll be focusing on these new features.

Primary focus: dashboard widgets

Dashboards keep winning the community votes, and so we’ll focus on adding more options to them this month. These include being able to set filters on lists, for example only showing dead characters or uncompleted quests. Another option for family and organisation widgets is to display members. We will also add a way to display attributes of an entity on the dashboard.

We also want to work on improving some of the custom dashboard interfaces, better documenting how to change the campaign header, and allowing moving widgets between dashboards.

Secondary focus: content packs

Our runner up in the vote was for content packs to get added to the Marketplace. This new type of plugin will allow users to create characters, locations, families etc in the marketplace that can be imported into campaigns. This new feature will be the most complex one built into Kanka since Calendars, and will require a lot of work and testing on our end.

Other goodies for April 2021

We first announced Project Njord with 1.4, and will continue focusing on that during the month. The goal of Project Njord is to improve information for newcomers to Kanka, to better showcase the features and options new and existing users can use. In March we focused on improving the campaign admin interfaces, and plan on focusing on the entity forms this month.

Feature wise, we’ll continue doing small incremental improvements to various parts of the app, and continue releasing frequent bug fixes. We don’t have exact plans as the roadmap features will already keep us very busy.

Get sneak peaks at the progress being made on the roadmap, and be part of an amazing community by joining us over on Discord!

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