Release 0.50

Release 0.50 – Improvements to Maps and Entity Notes advanced permissions

Today we are releasing not one, but two options of the month’s community vote. For those of you who were with us, we previewed these new features and improvements in our latest livestream Q&A.

New Features

Entity Notes Advanced Permissions

Campaign admins can now set advanced permissions on entity notes. When creating or editing one, users can be set with view, edit or deny permissions. This will work in symbiosis with the existing Visibility dropdown.

For example, if you want the admins of a campaign and only a selected user to be able to see an entity note, select the Admin visibility and add the user in the advanced permissions to read or edit.

entity note admin and edit for user

This new feature is available for all campaigns, regardless of boosted or superboosted status.


The maps module is getting another bunch of improvements. The most exciting one is regarding map marker sizes which can now be customised. Previously, map markers were always 40 by 40 pixel in size. This customisable value can now be set to be between 20 and 100 pixel.

map marker custom sizes
Map marker custom sizes

As a reminder, the size of a marker stays the same at all levels of zoom. This is the way the map rendering engine we use renders map markers, and not something we can change.

Another quality of life improvement concerns the explore page of a map. If you have edit permissions on the map, you can now add markers directly from the explore page.

On an entity’s abilities page, the ability’s name now links to the ability.

When creating or editing a family, you can now add characters to the family similarly to organisations. The dropdown for selecting characters shows the current family.

We’ve also added DNDbeyond and snazzymaps to the list of whitelisted domains. This means you can add iframes targeting those domains.

Last but not least, join our amazing community over on Discord!

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