Release 0.48

Release 0.48 – Superboosts and Dashboards v3

We are very excited to release dashboards v3 as well as superboosts today. The new dashboards were part of this month’s roadmap. Read this article to find out exactly what these new features for our subscribers bring.

New Features


We are always looking for ways to increase the value for our subscribers. During the past months, we’ve had many constructive talks with our community about ways to achieve this. This is where the idea of Superboosted campaigns came to existence.

At the moment, each subscriber of the Owlbear tier gets three boosts that they can attribute to any campaign they have access to (including public campaigns). Our internal data shows that each user boosts on average a single campaign, leaving their additional boosts unused.

Starting today, campaigns can be Superboosted, using 3 boosters. This will unlock the following features for a campaign.

Superboost: Campaign Gallery

A new link will be displayed to campaign admins in the sidebar next to tags and attribute templates. This allows campaign admins to upload an unlimited amount of images to a campaign. These images can than be injected into the entry field of entities when using the Summernote editor.

campaign gallery
Campaign Gallery

summernote gallery plugin
Summernote gallery plugin

Future improvements include uploading images to the gallery directly from the entity forms, as well as setting an entity to use an image from the gallery instead.

Superboost: Full Entity Logs

When a user edits an entity, the entity logs will now include a full log of changes. This data is kept for 30 days on our servers. This allows users for example to recover text removed from an entity due to a bad edit or change of heart.

entity logs
Full entity log for the entry field

Superboost: Campaign Achievements

When in the campaign page, a new page called Achievements is available (next to the entity recovery link). These achievements track various progress of your campaign towards arbitrary goals. The achievements are recalculated once a day. As with all features in Kanka, we will tweak these achievements based on user feedback.

campaign achievements
Campaign Achievements

Superboost: Entity Files

Superboosted campaigns can upload up to 10 files per entity, instead of the standard 3 or 5 for boosted campaigns.

To superboost a campaign, go to your profile’s boost page and click on the “superboost” button next to a campaign you are boosting.

We’ve updated our Features page to outline all the improvements unlocked by superboosting a campaign.

Dashboards v3

Our other big update for boosted (and superboosted) campaigns is Dashboards v3. Some of these features are also available for non-boosted campaigns, so we’ll start with those first.

Custom Widget Name

All widgets can now have their name customised. This feature is available for all dashboards.

Header Widget

A new Header widget was added, allowing you to set “texts” above a group of widgets. This feature is available for all dashboards.

Multiple Dashboards

Boosted campaigns can now set multiple dashboards for different roles. This new interface is available in the Dashboard Setup page. A dashboard can also be set as the default one for roles. For example, you can create a default dashboard for the public viewer.

dashboard setup
Dashboard setup
dashboard permissions
Dashboard permissions

Toggling between the various dashboards can be done with the Cog icon at the top of the dashboard.

Dashboard switcher
Dashboard switcher

Custom dashboards don’t include the Campaign header widget by default, which can be added and placed as you want.


Map Markers pointing to other maps now have the link in the tooltip go to the explore page of the target.

Next up

We’ll be focusing the rest of the month on iterating on the new dashboards, on the new superboost features, and on the marketplace.

Last but not least, join our amazing community over on Discord!

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