Roadmap November 2020 – Dashboards v3

Our fantastic subscribers and Patrons have finished voting in the latest community vote. There is a clear winner this time round with new Dashboard options being the focus for the November roadmap!

Dashboards v3

We’ll be adding new controls to the way the dashboard is setup. This will allow you to create sections, custom names for your widgets, and give you more control on the layout. We’ll also be introducing a way to set up multiple dashboards based on campaign roles and members!

Other goodies for November

Now that Kanka is 3 years old, we want to focus on some bigger picture features.

We have some pretty neat improvements in the works for November that we hope to release at the same time as our next live Q&A on the 15th. Superboosted campaigns were teased recently, and we think we’re just about ready to release them.

During the previous roadmap, improvements to Maps were also mentioned but didn’t end up getting implemented. We’re hoping to get those implemented this month, as well as more general quality of life improvements to the APIs.

The marketplace is still the center of our attention, and despite not winning the community vote, we hope to continue improving it with other smaller updates during the month.

Come join us over on Discord to get sneak peaks at the progress being made on the month’s roadmap!

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