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Roadmap October 2020 – Mentions as you go

Our fantastic subscribers and Patrons have finished voting in the latest community vote. People were once again torn between several options. While marketplace content packs and attribute templates had a head start, mentions as you go ultimately took the lead and won.

Mentions as you go

A frequent difficulty new users have is when creating entities and wanting to mention other non existing entities, we guide them to the Entity Creator (bottom left of the side bar). This allows users to quickly create a new entity and mention it in the entry field.

create new entity button in the sidebar
The create new entity button at the bottom of the sidebar

However, this workflow requires several clicks and can take you out of your creative flow. Mentions as you go is the workflow we are building to tackle this. When mentioning an entity that doesn’t exist, the dropdown will include options to create a new Character, Location, Item or other based on the name that you’ve searched.

When saving the entity, it will replace these non-existing mentions with new entities of that type and that name.

What’s next up

I’ve been toying with this new workflow idea for over a month, following interesting conversations with users confused by the current workflow. I believe I can hammer out this new feature pretty fast and start working on the runner up of the vote: marketplace! This is the chunkiest workload of the community vote, so I’ll start working on either Content Packs of Attribute Templates first.

I also want to continue improving the marketplace in general with the following features:

  • Notifications
  • Filters
  • Following plugin updates without having it installed
  • Following plugin authors

In Kanka, Maps should get a few more improvements (adding a marker from the exploration mode for example).

I want to work on the APIs to make updating entities less of a pain, as you currently have to send all required fields even if they don’t change. I also want to add the ability of interacting with dashboard widgets through the API.

Last but not least, nested journals and improvements to the dashboard should make their way to Kanka during October.

As always, you can follow the progress of the work being done through our public Trello board.

A word on project Freyja

In our previous roadmap, we mentioned continuing work on project Freyja, our new interface and layout. Our fantastic designer, who works on Kanka during his free time, is swamped with both work and family, which means that progress is currently on hold. We are looking at alternatives and will keep the community updated.

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