Kanka release 0.47

Release 0.47 – Changes to Ads, Entity Note workflow & more

Dear Kanka users,

As mentioned in our previous post, we are making changes to ads in Kanka. This will help us reach our primary goal of being able to hire people to help with the development of the application.

New Features

A single ad will be displayed on pages of non-boosted campaigns, as well as for non-subscriber and non-patreon users. Read more on our reason for this change here.


Entity Notes get a new workflow. The options to “Save and New” and “Save and Edit” have been added.

Maps now have the legend displayed in the Edit screen to quickly find points. We’ve also added Map Markers to the submenu of entities, and the link to the map centres on the marker when clicked.

The Move entity action has been tweaked to better indicate that an entity can be changed from one type to another, and the move to another campaign interface was also tweaked.

Bug fixes

Maps sometimes failed to work for the public user.

Several bugs in Calendars were fixed where the days were starting at the wrong place on the Month view. A bug with the Visibility of weather effects being ignored was also fixed.

When leaving a campaign, the campaign still appeared in the campaign switcher interface, causing confusion.

Head on over to Kanka to check out these new changes, and join our amazing community over on Discord!

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