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Changes to ads in Kanka

I just want to discuss upcoming changes to ads we mentioned during one of our past Q&As. As you may know, we have been experimenting with ads for non-logged in users for the past couple months, and we feel like we have slowly but surely found the right balance. This means that the time has come to expand the coverage of these ads to a wider audience.

Who will these changes apply to?

Simply put, none of our subscribers nor any boosted campaign will see any ads. However, users and campaigns who do not fall under those categories will soon start seeing ads.

Why are we changing the way we show ads?

Kanka has been built around the philosophy that your wallet should not determine whether you can enjoy RPGs. We have repeatedly committed to that philosophy, and we continue to keep all core features free and available to everyone. However, with the growing time and effort that Kanka is requiring, and our ambition to continue growing and improving Kanka at a rapid pace, we have come to realise that certain changes must be made. I want to put your minds at ease: we remain fully committed to keeping all core features free. That is part of our DNA and will never change. We just want to further reward those of you who choose to support us, and ensure that Kanka is sustainable for those of you who cannot.

When will this take effect?

We will be rolling out these changes to ads over the coming week, though, we will listen to feedback moving forwards. As always, do not hesitate to contact us about your thoughts on these changes.

Final Thoughts

Neither of us are thrilled about these changes. In a perfect world, we would have liked to keep Kanka ad free for all our users forever. Sadly, as we want to keep all core features free while dedicating ourselves to Kanka, we have to adapt. We will keep these ads fairly unobtrusive and harmless, and more importantly, we hope that they do not prevent the enjoyment of worldbuilding.

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