0.46 - mentions as you go

Release 0.46 – Mentions as you go, nested journals, more improvements

Our last announcement concerned our roadmap for October 2020, where our subscribers and Patrons voted for mentions as you go to be the focus of the month. In that announcement, it was mentioned that this feature could appear sooner rather than later in the month. And well…

New Features

Mentions as you go

When using the @ mention symbol in Kanka’s text editor to look for entities, it previously showed nothing if there were no results. With this release, it now displays options for creating new entities based on the searched name. Not all entities are available through this dropdown to keep it short and practical, but by default it includes the most commonly used entity types.

mentions as you go
The new options

When you select an option, it injects a new code in the text editor that looks like this:


You can change the name before submitting to include spaces, special characters, etc. If you want to use a spaces, use the underline character “_”.

mentions as you go underline
Use underline in the mention name for spaces

When saving the text, Kanka will check for these new mentions and create entities based on them. The “private” field will default to the campaign’s new entity default visibility setting. If a new entity is mentioned several times, only a single entity will be created. This is based on the name, so if you have one called “Jane’s mansion” and one called “Janes’ mansion”, they will be considered as two separate new entities.


Several abilities can now be added to an entity at one, with a similar interface as the entity tags interface.

Journals can now be nested! This is useful if you want to store your journals by campaign, chapter, or story arc without having to use tags and filters.

When viewing a Tag, it now shows the entities with that tag directly below the description of the tag.

The same thing was added for Races, along with the option to toggle between characters of the race or those of the race and all the children races.

The Random dashboard widget will no longer show an entity that has already been show by another random widget or a preview widget.

On the topic of dashboard widgets, an API was added to control those of your campaigns. More info in the docs.

Small improvements to the Timelines interface with a helper text added to the Reorder elements button.

Lastly, the Hidden Personality helper texts on characters have been changed to take up less space and be more useful.

Bug fixes

Fixed filters being lost on pagination of Races, Tags, Families and Organisations children.

Fixed a visual issue with Section attributes being pinned.

Fixed a bug on maps where markers with a “`” letter in the tooltip caused the whole map to crash.

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