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Release 0.42 – Attributes Math and Parsing

As no one complained that we had two massive releases last week, here we are again! If you love attributes (and you should!), you’re going to love this update. Strap your seat belts!

New Features

Attributes Math & Parsing

We’re adding the ability to reference other attributes on the same entity to do math. If you’ve ever wanted your Health attribute to be calculated on two other attributes, this is now possible. Use the {attribute-name}*{other-attribute} syntax. It just works!

What about divisions that result in rounded numbers? ceil({attribute-name}*{other-attribute}) to round up, and floor() to round down. The full function list can be seen in this repository.

But wait, there’s more! Want to create a character sheet in your entity’s entry field? The new shorthand { will allow you do so the same thing the @ mentions does, but reference attributes on the entity. This new option is available in both the old and experimental text editors. (You can change your editor by going into your Settings > Layout options)

kanka summernote attribute mention
Reference attributes in the Summernote editor using { (also works in the old editor)


When creating or editing an entity using the full form, a warning will display if an entity with the same name already exists. This was previously only available in the quick creator.

Duplicate name warning

For those who want to play more with the dashboard, we’ve added two new widgets. The first one, Unmentioned entities, will display entities that aren’t mentioned the same way the “recent entities” list displays. The second one, Random, will display a random entity (excluding tags, conversations, dice rolls) the user has access to on the dashboard.

kanka dashboard widgets
New dashboard widgets

We’ve also added the option for boosted campaigns to use an entity header as the background image on the “preview” widget.

A frequent cause of confusion for users has always been that lists of entities and the quick link filters “share” their filters. This is now a thing of the past, with quick link links saving the filters in a separate part of the application from the main lists.

Map Markers now show the entity’s preview text in the popup, as it did in the old module.

We’ve reworked the default page when viewing a Family and an Organisation to directly include the members of those entities. Quick links to the old pages still work, so don’t worry about having to change things on your end.

Lastly, if you tend to work on entities on a long period, or have the form open while your laptop is in standby, your session is lost. A warning is now displayed about the session being timed out, so you can take action and avoid losing data.

Bug Fixes

Fixed tag filters being lost on pagination.

Fixed iFrame loading of Kanka not possible following an update to Chrome.

The map explore page now properly uses the Freyja layout, and we fixed issues with wrongly set polygones causing the whole module to crash.

The recovery page for boosted campaigns now has pagination and doesn’t just show the last 15 deleted entities.

Fixed tags not being removable from filters and dashboard widgets.

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