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Release 0.39.1 – Map Improvements

Following last week’s release of 0.39 with our brand new Maps module (currently in early access for boosted campaigns), we are adding a few new features, improvements, and bug fixes based on your feedback.

New Features

A new tab called “Groups” was added on the map Edit interface, and each marker can now be optionally assigned to a Group. This adds a new checkbox in the “layer” view that allows you to quickly show/hide all markers in a same group. Take for example a city with a Group for all locations that are shops. By assigning them to the Shops Group, you and your players can quickly toggle showing and hiding them.

You can now include a “Preview widget” on the campaign dashboard that will open a small map view. This feature is still experimental (especially with several maps included on the dashboard) and will undergo several changes and fixes based on user feedback.


Menu Links can now point to the Map Explore mode.

General improvements to the app: changed buttons labeled “Update” to “Edit” for more clarity. In the same vein, replaced the “Update” button on the campaign page to “Edit Campaign”.

Improved the community vote page layout on mobile.

Added info in the FAQ about daily backups and nested views.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the grid and custom shapes often not rendering properly.

Maps now looking good in the various dark themes of Kanka.

Fixed an issue with markers that have a transparent background and have no custom icon. These will now be displayed with a grey background to avoid confusion about “invisible markers”.

Sharing a community vote on social media now has the correct “preview” image.

Fixed a bug where adding a new Layer to a map replaced the map’s image.

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