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v0.38.1 – Public Campaigns, Quick Creator and API

Today we are releasing version 0.38.1 of Kanka, a small update following 0.38 that was recently released. No new big features, but some bug fixes and small improvements. We’ve focused on Public Campaigns, the Quick Creator workflow, and the API.


Public campaigns: users can now filter public campaigns by language and system. The system field is automatically generated based on existing data. As soon as a system is used 5 times or more, it appears as an option.

Quick Creator: the quick creator workflow has been improved. The confirmation message linking to the new entity now also contains the entity selection page. This reduces the number of clicks when quickly creating many entities.

Entity Images: clicking on the entity’s image on the view page will open the image directly from our Amazon S3 storage. Meaning you can access the images as they were uploaded, rather than managed by our image server (and avoid downloading a webp format image)

Parent entities: the “ability”, “location”, “race, and “tag” fields on each respective type of entity now have the “parent” prefix. This change should make it clearer what those fields represent to new and existing users.

API: the API now gives back a new entry_parsed field that contains the mentions as they would be displayed on an entity, meaning you don’t have to do the heavy lifting in your application anymore. A new entries/<id> endpoint was also added.

Emails: we’re switching email providers which should mean less emails land in your spam folder, or worse yet, are rejected completely (looking at you hotmail). This change will take time to update our email reputation.

Bug Fixes

Entity Abilities could be set to the self and self+admin permissions but didn’t properly save the user attaching the ability to the entity. This fix isn’t retroactive, as we don’t have this value in the database.

Mentions to non existing entity types no longer cause the entity to break the page from properly loading.

Pinned relations ignored the permission engine. This has been fixed.

We’ve added drive.google.com as a whitelisted domain for iframes, properly allowing you to embed PDFs hosted there into your entities. Previously we only whitelisted docs.google.com.

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