Release 0.49

Release 0.49 – Attribute Templates on the Marketplace

Dear Kanka users, we are once again very excited for a big update! Starting now, our amazing marketplace creators can create attribute templates! This will allow creators to create visual stats blocks and attributes for other systems than Kanka’s default 5e monster template.


A new section in the marketplace for attribute templates was added. When these are added to a boosted campaign, they are automatically enabled, differing from themes. In an entity, when applying an attribute template, the community templates dropdown will include templates from the marketplace added to the campaign.

Template creators can control the HTML and CSS of their templates, as well as the list of attributes. A somewhat functional preview system helps you keep track of how the template will render in Kanka.

We’ve also added logical blocks in the template HTML. For example, if you want to display a block if the attribute isn’t empty, you can use the following syntax.

@if({attribute name})
<div> html </div>
<div> other html</div>

Kanka’s logical block engine

You can also use just an if/endif block. You can also check the value of an attribute compared to another. For example @if({dex} > {str})


The marketplace now has some very basic filters to search a plugin by name or sort the plugins by installs, hearts, or recently updated.


Most fields now support your browser’s spellchecking option. This isn’t the case for the name field.

Calendar full moons offset can now be set with a fraction for all you moon loving worldbuilders.

Bug fixes

Fixed several issues with the API not being up to date on recent changes to Kanka.

Fixed the Youtube video on Kanka’s landing page.

Inventory elements linked to an item couldn’t have the item replaced with a name.

Next Up

Next up we’ll be focusing on this month’s roadmap, which means maps stuff!

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