Roadmap December 2020

Roadmap December 2020 – Maps and Entity Notes

Our fantastic subscribers and Patrons have finished voting in the latest community vote. There is once again a clear winner! This time round more Map improvements will be the focus of December’s roadmap.

Roadmap Priority: Maps

We will be adding a new way to control marker sizes in the new maps module. Another nice new feature will be a workflow to add markers from the explore mode.

Secondary: Entity Note Permissions

Despite having less total votes, entity notes permissions is the second focus of the month thanks to our weighted vote system (where Owlbear and Elemental votes count two points compared to one point for our Goblins).

Other focus for the month

As the year comes to an end, we’ll be releasing more features for the marketplace, and continue tweaking our new superboosted campaigns. We’ll also focus on some API improvements to help people build exciting tools that interact with Kanka.

Come join us over on Discord to get sneak peaks at the progress being made on the month’s roadmap!

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