release 0.43

Release 0.43 – Nested Notes, Community Events, Better Inventories

We are focusing on some quality of life improvements for the first release of September 2020. If you love creating notes for everything, you’ll love our new nested notes!

New Features

We are finally making Notes nestable, which will allow you to set a parent note on each note. If you have nested results as a profile settings activated, Notes will display that way. We are also displaying sub notes directly on each note’s view page.

A note with sub notes

Also new to Kanka are Community Events! We’ll be hosting frequent contests with our community through these, where participants will be asked to submit an entity to a public campaign for a chance to win some virtual points and goodies.

Submission form in a community event


Inventories have just become a lot more user friendly. Inventories no longer require an existing Item, but can just have a name. The whole visual organisation of inventories was reworked for clarity. A new “Equipped” property on inventories was also added.

Improved Inventories

Timelines eras can now be shown/hidden when viewing them. A new “reorder elements” button was added if the era has at least 2 elements. This will allow you to drag and drop elements in a timeline.

Timeline element reordering

On the UI side, you will no longer see an entity’s name displayed 3 times at the start of each page (once in the breadcrumb, once above the entity, and once below the entity image).

Dashboard widgets have a new “Wide” option, and the width options are now clearer on how big they actually are.

Last but not least, Kanka is now available in the Catalan language thanks to our amazing translator Helionking!

Bug fixes

API: added the id property to the relations resource, to allow updating and deleting relations through the API.

Fixed a bug preventing deleting eras in the timeline edit form.

Fixed some visual issues with the Summernote text editor and dark/midnight themes.

When viewing an entity, the “private” toggle button now displays the correct status on hover.

Fixed the “locale” dropdown resetting when editing a campaign’s Public tab.

Fixed an issue with updating Map Layer images.

Changes to ads for unlogged users

We introduced ads on campaign pages for unlogged users recently, placed on the top of each page. We’ve switched this to Google Adsense’s “auto” option where Google figures out where to best place the ad, and might display up to 3 ads per page. This will take a bit of time for it to figure out how many and where to best place said ads.

With this update out of the way, work starts on the winner of the September 2020 community vote!

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