Roadmap August 2020 Entity Timelines

Roadmap August 2020 -Timelines

With the latest community vote now closed, our subscribers have reaffirmed their desire to see Timelines added to Kanka.


August will focus on adding Timelines as a new entity type and interface to Kanka. Timelines will have support for eras for visual clarity. Entities of any type can be added to a Timeline to allow a maximum flexibility on what information is important to your world, rather than trying to automate everything through the Events entity.

Kanka timelines

We will also be adding a way to link the birth and death of Characters to a calendar to automatically calculate their age. This will also be built on top of the Reminders system already in place.

Other plans for August

The last two months were very busy. I moved to Geneva and sold most of my stuff, went full time on Kanka, moved the app to 4 new servers, and built Maps v3.

August will hopefully be a bit less stressful with the focus on Timelines and improving maps following our users’ feedback. I’d like to also hopefully add a few of the Filter features that were also up on the community vote. For example completed status on quests and excluding tags.

I also want to revisit Entity Files to allow a few more formats (xls, xlsx). We’ve been thinking about allowing up to 5 files per entity for boosted campaigns, which we will probably do in August.

Last but not least, I’d also like to revisit some of the Copy workflows in Kanka. Notably to include related elements (relations, quest elements, organisation members, etc) when copying an Entity.

Closing Words

I wanted to add a few words about working full time on Kanka. I still haven’t fully grasped that this is the reality that I live in now. Then again, 2020 was in general full of surprises. I am so thankful for everyone’s support to allow me to do this and keep improving Kanka. I hope that what we build together as a community will serve as a strong foundation for all world builders, TTRPG players, and authors alike, and look forward to building cool new features in the future to help towards that goal.

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  1. Thank you for all of your hard work. Kanka is a fantastic tool that just keeps getting better. I really like the new maps (especially the layers.)

    Right now, my campaign’s timeline is just a huge note; it’s going to be a lot of work, but I think that the timeline will be a lot more useful… and easier to look at.

    Best, and congratulations!

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