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Roadmap June-July 2020: Maps v3 and new servers

With the latest community vote now closed, our subscribers have voted for Maps to be the focus of the roadmap for the next two months. As explained in the community vote, this roadmap’s scope was bigger as I am now working full time on Kanka.

Maps v3

People love maps, and rightfully so! Adding maps to your world and game enhances the feeling that the world is alive, vast, and full of possibilities. We’re focusing on several big changes to how maps work with this roadmap.

The biggest change is that Maps will become their own entity in Kanka. This will make it a lot clearer for new and existing users that this feature exists. The code that manages maps will also be completely rewritten to allow faster loading time on large maps with many points (our Elementals can upload 25 MB maps which become quite intense). Maps will still be linkable to Locations.

The list of features that will be added is as follows.

  • Layers (so a map can have several images uploaded to it)
  • More marker icon options
  • Custom marker shapes
  • Descriptions and Labels that don’t point to an entity (for example to describe a trap on a dungeon, or a reminder to change the music when the party enters a room)
  • Better navigation (double click to zoom, better zoom on mobile)
  • A fullscreen view
  • Allowing users to move markers on the view mode (for example if using Kanka as a battle map)
  • Live updates of changes to pins in the view mode to all users
  • Better navigation of markers on a map (listing, toggle to show/hide)
  • Adding a grid overlay to a map
  • Distance calculator between two points

With such a big update, the new maps module will be in beta for boosted campaigns first as it comes to life and features are added. The old maps module on location will stay alive in the app, and will (probably) be automatically transferred to the new module when it goes out of beta.

Other options of the vote

Timelines came in second place, so depending on the progress made on Maps, we’ll try to focus some time on that feature.

A note about the marketplace. We’ve received feedback that we weren’t very clear with that we meant by marketplace, and several subscribers thought it would be a paying marketplace. This was not our objective, and realise we should have worded it better. However, despite this, the marketplace still garnered votes, so we will rethink and clarify that option in a future community vote. Thank you as always for your feedback!

What else is planned for this roadmap?

As mentioned in our last release, our priority at the moment is to migrate to new servers that are 16 times more powerful than the current ones. The new server setup is more complex as it is no longer a single server managing all requests, but four that share the load. During the migration to the new servers, we expect the application to be down for several hours. We shall inform everyone beforehand on our various platforms so that you can work around this planned downtime.

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  1. Absolutely love how transparent you guys are. Thanks for the feedback. I will admit though, after having spent SEVERAL hours uploading and tagging maps, I’m hoping the beta doesn’t upset anything I’ve done to date.

    That being said, excited to see what comes next. 😀

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