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Jay’s setup (end of 2021)

Jumping on a popular type of blog article amongst developers, I thought it would be interesting for people to have an insight into my setup and how I work on Kanka. This includes all the hardware and software that helps me work every day. A tandem article describes the Kanka Infrastructure.


Before I can even get into my coding, livestreaming, and community interaction setup, I first need to detail some of the hardware I use.

desk setup of all the hardware

My only machine is a Macbook Air 13″ from 2020. It wasn’t designed for the Yucatán heat and struggles most afternoons, but it does the job and hasn’t ignited yet.

macbook air specs
  • Logitech C922 PRO webcam for streaming.
  • Samson GOMIC for discord audio and some of the livestreams.
  • For when I need to focus, my Sony 1000 mx3 noise cancelling headphones are great.
  • An AUKEY USB hub for connecting everything.

For handling questions on discord while on the go, my Motorola Moto G6 play does the job, albeit slowing down to halt at times.


And now to the controversial stuff!


I write all of Kanka’s code in Jetbrain’s PhpStorm with a standard dark theme. I’ve removed most of the interface buttons to be able to focus on the code, and use the standard PhpStorm shortcuts to access things I need.

PhpStorm IDE setup

The only plugins I’ve downloaded are .env file support and the Laravel plugin.


I use MacOS’s default terminal and added a few custom aliases to quickly deploy Kanka updates to the servers.


I don’t pay much attention to the OS and its updates, but try and install them after being bugged long enough. My docker and menu are only shown when the mouse comes close, and I only show running apps in my docker to keep it nice and tidy.

The background image is some default available option, since I only see it when booting up the machine.

I also use the following apps on a day to day basis.

  • Discord for shitposting answering questions.
  • Chrome for all my web browsing.
  • Spotify for background music and podcasts.
  • The default Mail app for when I need to reply to a long mail, otherwise I do it from my phone.
  • Cyberduck for interacting with my AWS storages.
  • MacPass for handling all of my passwords.
  • Sequel Ace for interacting with databases.
  • Pixelmator Pro for when I need to create some images for Kanka.
  • Postman for testing APIs.
  • Laravel Valet for all of my programming needs.
  • And lastly, I use Google Drive to save all of my data in the cloud.

Closing words

This article is available alongside another one that goes over Kanka’s setup. If you have any questions or want to talk about IDs and password management, join the Discord server!

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