Having multiple campaigns in Kanka

Each Kanka user can be a part of and own multiple campaigns. There is no limit to the amounts of campaigns or worlds you can have! After registering your account, you’ll be promoted to create your first campaign by providing a name for it (unless you’ve been invited to Kanka by a friend, in which case you will be added to that campaign after registering an account.

From any page in a campaign, you can view the campaigns you have access to by clicking on the campaign’s name in the sidebar. This interface is known as the campaign switcher. Clicking on a campaign will bring you to that campaign.

campaign switcher
The campaign switcher interface

Creating a new campaign

To create a new campaigns, click on the “New Campaign” button in the campaign switcher. This button is only available when actively viewing a campaign.

Clicking on the new campaign button will bring you to the following form.

new campaign form
New campaign form

You’ll be redirected to the new campaign’s dashboard once it is created. You can switch to your other campaigns by clicking on the “campaign switcher” as explained above.

With your campaigns now set up, you might want to customise each campaign’s dashboard.

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