Kanka Custom Campaign Dashboard

How to style your Kanka campaign dashboard

There are several ways you can customise your Kanka campaign dashboard. We’ll start off with the options available to all campaigns, before detailing options for premium campaigns.

The default dashboard setup for your first campaign includes the Campaign header, an Entity Preview widget and an Entity List widget.

kanka default dashboard
The default dashboard of your first campaign

Campaign Header

The first thing visible on every dashboard is the campaign header. It includes the campaign’s name, short description, and potential background image. You can change these values to fit your campaign’s look and feel.

At the bottom of the dashboard, click on the Dashboard Settings button. From there, click on the Campaign Header block, this will allow you to edit the values.

dashboard setup campaign header

The Campaign dashboard text field is automatically shown on dashboard’s campaign header block. The Campaign dashboard background image is also shown in the background of the campaign header block.

kanka campaign header config

In our example, the campaign header on the dashboard will now show as this:

campaign header on dashboard filled out

It is currently not possible to remove the campaign header nor change its position.

Changing the widgets on the campaign dashboard

To change the widgets that are visible on your dashboard, go back to the Dashboard Setup page. This can be accessed with the button at the bottom of the dashboard, or on the top right in the campaign header’s “…” actions menu.

kanka campaign header action menu

You can click on a widget to remove it, or click on Add a widget to add a new one. A prompt shows up offering a list of different widgets. You can also drag and drop widgets to reorder them. Moving widgets around automatically saved their new position.

Dashboard Widget Types

Entity Preview: select an entity from your campaign to display on the dashboard. Some entities have extra displays, for example Quests include the quest status, and maps will be rendered on the dashboard. This can be especially helpful with an introduction note that explains the world you’ve created.

kanka campaign widget map preview
The preview widget set for a map.

Calendar: display a calendar from your world, with the current date, along with a list of past and upcoming reminders in your calendar.

Kanka calendar widget
The calendar widget.

Entity List: add this widget to display a list of entities. By default, entities that are recently modified are shown first. Options include limiting by type of entity (for example only show recently modified characters), or filtered by tags. You can also set it to only show a single entity instead of a list, which will use the “preview” widget rendering. Advanced filters options include unmentioned or mentionless entities.

Random Entity: displays a randomly selected entity from your world. You can also filter this widget to only show a specific entity type or by tags. For non-admin users of your campaign, only entities they have permission to see will be displayed.

Premium Campaign Features

Premium campaigns have a few more options for customising the campaign dashboard. This includes an option for the Preview widget to use the entity’s header image instead of the entity’s primary image.

On the Entity Preview widget, premium campaigns get to show pinned relations, pinned attributes, or even members for a family or organisation.

entity preview advanced options

Most importantly, premium campaigns get to have multiple dashboards! Each dashboard has its own widgets. You can also set a dashboard to be only visible to a specific role, or be the default dashboard for that role.

Now that you’ve nicely setup your dashboard, invite your friends to your campaign!

4 Replies to “How to style your Kanka campaign dashboard”

  1. Thanks, this was really helpful for making my campaign dash look better!
    I noticed in a couple of the example pictures your background colour isn’t the default gray-blue. Is there a way to change that, as well?

    1. Yes, boosted campaigns can edit the css of their campaign to change the background colour of all pages using the following css

      .wrapper {
      background: url(url-of-an-image);
      background-repeat: repeat;
      background-size: auto;
      background-attachment: fixed;

  2. Would be nice if we could adjust the height of the widgets on the dashboard without having to muck around with CSS code, as the default layout for the character preview barely shows any of their images. Really want these to just show the full image of the character instead of a tiny slice of it.

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