Kanka's invite interface

Invite your friends to your Kanka campaign

Kanka has several options to invite your friends to your campaign. The only requirement is that you are an admin of your campaign.

In the navigation menu, click on “Campaign”, then on the “Members” submenu.

Where to find how to invite friends to your campaign

From there, scrolling down will reveal the Invite module. There are two systems to invite friends to your campaign.

The invite module

The first, and recommended one, is to create a New Link. You can select how many times the link can be used (in case you are afraid of people leaking the link), as well as the role users will be joining as. For security reasons, it is not possible for people to automatically join the campaign admin role.

This will generate a link that you can send to your friends. Clicking on the icon next to the link in the “Email” column will copy the link again to your clipboard.

The second, less recommended method, is to click on Invite. This will ask for an email to which to send the invitation link. This method is not recommended because we are currently having issues with some email service providers that flag Kanka emails as spam. Hotmail will always reject emails from our servers, so selecting a Hotmail address is not possible.

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