Release 0.36 – A smaller update

Following our massive 0.35 update, this one brings a few quality of life improvements.

New Features

  • Bulk Copy To: a new bulk “copy to campaign” action was added on entity datagrids.
  • Campaign Dashboard Widget: a conversation preview widget will display the last 3 messages.


  • Quick Creator: added the option to quickly create an Ability.
  • Quick Creator: added the option to quickly create a Tag.
  • Filters: the “type” field now shows a suggestion of the 10 last used types for that entity type.
  • Campaign Export: the export is now available for 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes.
  • Bulk Actions: users will be redirected to the same paginated page they were on.
  • Quests: added a new `date` field to track real-world dates on quest.

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