Roadmap May 2020

The first community vote hosted directly on Kanka  is over, which means it’s time for this month’s roadmap! As mentionned in the community vote, this is my last month still working for my current employer, and I am switching to working full time for Kanka in June.

Boosted Campaign Features

Almost a majority of voters voted for more features to be available for boosted campaigns! This will include being able to set campaign-wide default entity images, which will serve as the foundation for an upcoming “campaign gallery” feature, as well as an option to show an entity’s image in the tooltip.

More Dashboard Options

If good progress is made on the boosted campaign features, I’ll work on adding more options to campaign dashboards next. As and example, this will include being able to set a list of tags to filter the “recent” widget, as well as a “random” entity preview widget.


With yesterday’s incident, I mentioned our need to move to new servers to a) handle our increasing user load, and b) to allow us more versatility with backups. This will mean lots of research, setting up new servers, testing, and planning the final migration. More time will also be put into allowing us to catch bugs earlier and improve the quality of our deliveries.

This month will also see the first big batch of optimizations that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks make it live in the app. I will continue working on those to make sure that we don’t have to rush to the new servers due to increased traffic, but can take the time to set everything up properly. If you have experience with Varnish, please hit me up on the Discord!

Lastly, more subscription payment options will be released this month, with yearly subs, SOFORT and Giropay payments. This will all require again lots of testing and user support.

Here’s to the last month of me not working full time on Kanka!

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