Release 0.33 – Abilities

Dear users,

We are proud to release Kanka 0.33 which includes Abilities as requested by the previous community vote by our amazing Patrons!

New Features

  • Abilities beta
    • A new entity type called Abilities has been added to the app. This is currently a beta and available to all boosted campaigns (it is automatically enabled). This adds a new Abilities link in the sidebar above Tags, which allows you to create your custom abilities, powers, feats and spells for your world.
    • Most entities now have an Abilities submenu below Relations and Inventory that allow you to attach abilities to an entity and quickly switch between them. Abilities can be nested, which is used for categorisation in the entity abilities view. Only one level of nesting is currently supported for entity abilities.
    • This is the first time we are releasing a feature as a beta, meaning that for the next 30 days it will only be available for campaigns that have been boosted. This temporary smaller scale release will allow us to ensure that the feature is as polished as we want it to be before being rolled out to everyone and is just another way for us to show our appreciation for those who support Kanka. As you are aware, we are strong believers in Kanka being community driven, and this will enable our supporters to have additional input as we shape new features. I would like to add that this doesn’t mean that we expect any major bugs with this feature or that there will be any changes to the data that you enter over the course of the beta testing.
  • Visibility: Self & Admin
    • Relations, Entity Notes and Inventories have a new visibility called “Self+Admin”, which allows a user to create something that is only visible by them and the admins of the campaigns. This is great for setting up backstory or relations to npcs that the DM and player know about, but need to be kept secret from other players. Only the person creating the data can change the visibility to something else (so an admin can’t change the visibility to all).


  • Entity Notes now performs a small check to the server before saving to make sure no data would be lost. This is typically the case when our DDOS protection is activated while someone is editing an entity note.
  • The welcome email has been vastly improved to include links to resources like the FAQ and Youtube tutorials.
  • The Campaign invites page was re-worded to focus on the invite link feature instead of the deprecated invite email feature.

Bug fixes

  • The News section had some visual glitches on mobile devices.
  • Deleting an account caused a weird bug when the campaign had pending invites.
  • (Cleanup) Removed some old code from the app that was related to the very first version of dashboards. This has no impact on anyone except making the app fractionally faster and easier to maintain.

A huge thank you to all the amazing Patrons who make these frequent updates possible thanks to their support on Patreon! As always, feel free to join us on Discord to be part of the conversation.

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