Roadmap March-April 2020

The second Community vote of 2020 is now closed. The amazing patrons couldn’t make up their minds on what features they most wanted implemented, with all three options being neck and neck for most of the vote’s duration. With weighted votes tallied, we have a winner.

Magic & Powers

Last month’s runner-up got the most support this month. This will require adding Abilities as a new entity type in Kanka, and being able to attach them to entities in a similar fashion to Inventories. In the short term I hope to be able to offer importing 5e’s SDR content in a campaign for Abilities.

Entity Recovery

Part of the winning position is Entity recovery, which will allow boosted campaigns to recover deleted entities for a short while in case they change their mind about deleting an entity.


The following are some other features and improvements I want to work on during the month.

  • User retention: improve the welcome email, set up a newsletter for getting updates in the app.
  • Community votes directly in Kanka instead of Patreon.
  • Entity Notes: avoid losing entity notes when saving and en error occurs (ajax saving).
  • Performance: as we constantly hit 40 concurrent users on the app now, I need to optimise the app to avoid the servers feeling slow during peak hours.
  • Entity Notes: integrate the “self & admin” visibility.

As usual, there’s a lot of stuff to work on. While I try and dedicate as much time as I can to improve Kanka, it is a hobby project meaning that other obligations come first. If you love the app and want to help me spend more time working on it, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

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