Release 0.32.1

This small update introduces the new Entity Actions UI, which unifies various actions that can be performed on an entity into a coherent experience, as well as a quantity of bug fixes.


  • Entity Action UI: replaced the “update/move/delete” buttons, the Entity Files buttons, and Permissions button with a new Action UI above each entity that displays the various options.
    • New “Copy [] Mention” button which copies to the user’s clipboard the advanced mention of an entity.
    • Entity Files is now a clearly visible UI.
    • New Private toggler directly in the entity view.
  • Campaign Roles: massively improved the campaign role manage interface.
  • Tag Bulk Actions: ability to bulk edit the colour and parent tag.
  • Calendar Form: replaced some of the tab texts with icons when on mobile to make the UI a bit friendlier.
  • News: hides the “latest news” panel when on mobile.
  • FAQ: added a line about deitites and religions.
  • Code: updated the app to the Laravel 6.0 framework.


  • Copy to campaign: under certain conditions, it was possible to copy to another campaign where the user didn’t have permissions to create an entity of that type.
  • Menu Link: removed the tags option from bulk editing. Removed the bulk permissions option.
  • Tags: “none” coloured tags had a white text on grey background when creating/editing an entity. This was fixed to black.
  • Locations: bulk editing the parent location didn’t properly work.
  • Entity Creation: automatically applying attribute templates didn’t add the attributes in the correct order.
  • Searchable Dropdowns: fixed a bug where a request was sent to the server with each typed letter instead of waiting for the user to stop typing before searching, increasing the server load for no good reason.
  • Calendar Widget: some calendars with an invalid year caused the whole dashboard to crash.
  • Unlogged users can no longer order the various datagrids to avoid overloading the servers by crawlers.
  • Conversations which should be visible to a public user always resulted in server errors.
  • Dice rolls which should be visible to a public user sometimes resulted in server errors.
  • Calendar Reminders: the recurring periodicity (month/year) didn’t always properly save.
  • Calendar Widget: the “next day” button sometimes resulted in server errors.
  • Attributes: the attributes tab was not visible to public users even if they had access to read the entity.
  • Themes: fixed various issues with the Dark, Midnight and Future themes.

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