Release 0.31.1


  • Menu Links: sorting by position now works.
  • Menu Links: disabled bulk permissions as menu links aren’t entities linked to the permissions engine.
  • Entity Move: it is no longer possible to move entities to the menu link type, as they aren’t entities.
  • Calendar: fixes some css on the Future and Midnight Blue themes that made weather hard to read.
  • Calendar: moons with special characters had displaying issues.
  • Calendar: fixed a bug where multi-day events stopped displaying in the middle of a month. Also fixed a bug where “ghost” weeks were displayed before or after intercalary months.
  • Quests: fixed a bug where saving a quest that was attached to a calendar caused an error.
  • Copy to another campaign: fixed a bug where copying failed if the entity had entity notes or attributes.
  • Editor: Ctrl+S shortcut now shown on the correct default function.
  • Attribute Templates: fixed a bug where allowing non admins to view attribute templates didn’t work.
  • Maps: SVG maps didn’t properly save map point positions on SVG causing them to render wrongly when loading in other screen resolutions.
  • API: fixed errors on the dice roll end point.
  • Journals: fixed an error when loading a journal as a non-admin which was linked to a private calendar.
  • General: clicking on a link to a deleted campaign no longer throws a general error page but a proper 404 page.

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