Release 0.30

This update brings to the app some new foundations for ordering on subpages (inventories, relations, quest characters, location families, etc)

New Features

  • Subpage Odering
    • A new foundation was added to the app to allow for some easy and simple ordering on subpages. The selected order is saved in the session.
    • This new option has been added on many subpages but not all, and will be added to pages based on user feedback.


  • Quests: redid the interface a bit and added Characters, Locations, Organisations and Items in quests to have a colour. Deleting an item will now require a confirmation.
  • Locations: families were added as a menu on locations.
  • Campaign Modules: redid the interface to make it more user friendly.


  • Relations: the pinned status is now properly loaded when editing a relation.
  • Tags: the colour of a tag is properly loaded when editing a tag.
  • Conversations: UI fixes for themes other than Default.
  • Campaign Switcher: UI fixes for themes other than Default.

A huge thank you to all the amazing Patrons who make these frequent updates possible thanks to their support on Patreon! As always, feel free to join us on Discord to be part of the conversation.

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