Roadmap June 2019

With the June Patreon vote now closed, it’s time for a new monthly roadmap.

The amazing patrons were split between Tags and Permissions with each getting 22 weighted votes. A last minute dramatic reveal by Mitsu pulled the balance towards Permissions! However since it was so close, I’ll try and get both of these features done to the best of my abilities. As stated in the patreon vote, I am starting a new job on the 3rd of June and expect to be quite busy and exhausted in the first few weeks.


  • Add a visibility field à la entity notes to entity files, to better control who can see entity files.
  • New option on entity notes to allow any user who can view (except the public role) an entity to edit the entity note. This change will allow your players from being able to attach notes to an NPC without having to have access to changing said NPC.


The following are some other features and improvements I want to work on during the month.

  • Quests: Have a role field to each entity attached to a quest (characters, locations etc) to differentiate between the various entities.
  • Nested View: When creating a new entity from the nested view interface, pre-fill the parent entity.

As usual, there’s a lot of stuff to work on. While I try and dedicate as much time as I can to improve Kanka, it is a hobby project meaning that other obligations come first. If you love the app