Roadmap May 2019

With the May Patreon vote now closed, it’s time for a new monthly roadmap.

The amazing patrons have voted for the Entity Forms to get a new design based on tabs, allowing the UI to breath a bit more.


  • Change the current “one page” forms to “tabbed” forms, allowing related blocks to be grouped together (for example the Calendar form). 
  • Allow setting permissions directly on the edit form as part of a tab.


The following are some other features and improvements I want to work on during the month.

  • Inventories: Improve the new Inventory feature following feedback from the community.
  • Calendars: Moons and first year offset.
  • API: Allow modifying permissions from the API, as well as custom API keys on attributes for third party tracking.
  • Campaign Export: Since this feature breaks often, add a notification to users that something went wrong.

As usual, there’s a lot of stuff to work on. While I try and dedicate as much time as I can to improve Kanka, it is a hobby project meaning that other obligations come first. If you love the app and want to help me spend more time working on it, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

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