Roadmap March 2019

With the March Patreon vote now closed, it’s time for a new monthly roadmap.

The amazing patrons have voted for the following features to be the main focus of improvement for this month. It was a close call with Entities winning with 18 weighted votes, while both Calendars and Inventory each received 14 weighted votes, showing that all features are desired.


This month will see various enhancements brought to the entities.

  • Audit Log: a simple audit log “User X modified this entity X days ago”, to have a bit more details than the current “created at/by” and “last updated at/by”.
  • Mentioned In: an interface to see in which entities the current entity is being mentioned.
  • Type field: suggestions of previously used “type” fields in the forms.
  • Copy: an option to copy entity notes when copying an entity.
  • Maps: adding a “maps” menu to show if an entity is pinned on a map.


The following are some other features and improvements I want to work on during the month of March.

  • Dashboards: continous improvements to the new dashboards following user feedback.
  • Permissions: an option to set entities as visible “only for me”, regardless of admin/non admin role.
  • Text Editor: continue evaluating various text editors and options for improvement.
  • Tutorials: produce more video tutorials for the app.
  • Celebration: have some form of event for the upcoming 10’000 accounts milestone!

As usual, there’s a lot of stuff to work on. While I try and dedicate