12 Month Status Report

With Kanka now one year old, time to look at some stats!

Let’s start off with some raw numbers.


  • 5’400 accounts created
  • 42 accounts deleted
  • 2’479 accounts logged in at least a second time (45%, up 1%)
  • No accounts logged in more often than I did (700 times), and my lead on ArcOnyx (584 times) is increasing!


Top 10 countries

  • 39% of visitors are from the USA
  • 10% from France
  • 6.9% from the United Kingdom
  • 6.5% from Brazil
  • 5.8% from Germany
  • 4.7% from New Zealand
  • 4.5% from Canada
  • 2.3% from Switzerland
  • 2.3% from Australia
  • 1.9% from the Netherlands

Switzerland is back in the top 10!

The app gets about 300 daily visits. This value was steady at 200 for several months and raised with the new users following some promoting of the app online.

Google tells us that the biggest demographic still is 18-34 year old (86% of users, going down) males (91% of users, going down).

Patrons on Patreon continue to be amazing and cover all hosting costs and help towards me hopefully being able to work fixed amount of hours per week on Kanka. We’re 10% towards the first life changing goal!


The community around the app continues to be amazing! The support and encouragement I get daily is incredibly humbling and motivating.

The Discord continues to grow (230 users) with daily conversation