Version 0.10.1


  • Search: The searchbar has been moved to the top menu and now supports “suggestions” as you type. [112]
  • UI: The login and register form have been slighly tweaked, with a “show password” added for improved usability. Renamed the “Events” tab to “Calendars” in entities to avoid confusion. Fixed the footer layout when using the app on tablets. Moved the breadcrumbs to the left. [115]
  • History & Description: Merged the various history, description, entry and information fields into the general “Entry” field for every entity. [142]
  • Campaigns: Campaign names no longer need to be unique, and can be 4 characters long instead of a minimum of 6. The campaign edit form now also includes the language option for internal purposes. This lists depends on the languages of Kanka and if your campaign language isn’t listed, keep it as English. [172]
  • Conversations: Added some helper texts  that should make the module easier to use. Users can now only write as themselves, and only write as Characters they can edit. [177]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the new form “workflow” (save & update, save & new) not properly working. [115]
  • Conversations: Fixed bugs when a Private character was in a conversation. [177]
  • Move entities between campaigns wasn’t working since the new campaign structure was introduced. [180]
  • Tooltips broke if there was a ” in the text.

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