Tracking Issues and Features in Trello

Dear Worldbuilders,

Up until now, keeping an eye on feature requests, known bugs and seeing what’s coming next was an impossible task for all but myself. Errors were reported in the subreddit, email and Discord and would be forgotten. New features would be requested in various places, and tracking was inconsistent at best, leaving requests for the oubliette. Finding out if a feature had already been requested was impossible.

In an effort to fix all these issues, a Trello board has been set up. I’ve spent quite some time digging through the various channels of communication, and created all the tickets which I could find.

All of this is now visible here:

A New Workflow

Effective immediately, all new requests and bugs will have a ticket created in the Trello board. If a feature has already been requested, the ticket will be updated to know who also asked for a feature, or include additional requirements.

The QA team will have full rights on the Trello board to manage tickets too, to ensure that no request or bug is forgotten. Every new request will be treated as a “Potential Feature”.

Another added bonus with all the tickets now in a central location, Patrons will finally be able to properly vote on what they want implemented next.

Going Forward

As with all changes, some bumps along the way as we adapt are to be expected. This is also not a be all end all solution, and will be improved as time goes by with user feedback. We hope that these changes will bring better visibility to all, and increase our accountability and efficiency in the wake of an ever growing community.

On the subject of community, check out the previous post regarding the 9 month status update in case you missed it. It includes some fancy stats, and various fields where we could use with some help from you all!

As always, come say hi on the Discord, and thank you for using Kanka!

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