Roadmap June 2018

Greetings World Builders!

May is coming to a close with most of the original tasks done, and another huge list of other small improvements, which means it’s time again to focus on another month! June will be a bit special for me, as I finally hit my third decade on this earth. I still expect to have enough time to work on new and exciting features.


  • Dice roller & logger: Continue working on the new dice roller function.
  • Smart search: I want to redo the whole search to be a lot smarter about the results it provides. On a technical note, this means moving a lot of data on an elasticsearch instance.
  • Invites: Re-add a “link” style invitation.
  • Custom menu entries: Ability to define custom menu entries.
  • Start working on the “social/community” aspects of the application. This will include being able to make a campaign “public”.


  • Increase the team of volunteers: I would love for more people to join the team of volunteers (translations, testing) to make the app better for all users. To find out more, join us on the Discord server!
  • Produce some videos to showcase the app’s features.

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