Roadmap May 2018

Greetings World Builders!

April brought a tsunami of new features and improvements to the app, and now it’s time to set out a roadmap for what will hopefully be done during the month of May 2018. I originaly wrote this list at the end of April, forgot to publish it when May arrived, and have actually already made a lot of these changes.


  • Calendar: Keeping the new months/year/weekday names when editing and an error occures. Done!
  • Characters: Custom physical traits might appear, similar to the new personality traits added with 0.6. A general rework of the character interface is also planned. Done!
  • Tab ordering: Ability to order the lists in tabs. Done!
  • Maps: Rework the maps feature to be able to edit points, improve the general UI, and have custom colour for points. Done!
  • Fast campaign switcher: A faster way to switch between campaigns. Done!
  • Rewording: Plans on reworking some wording in the app to be more system agnostic. Done!
  • Notifications: Notifications when someone joins/leaves your campaign. Done!
  • Dice roller & logger: This is only useful for a small amount of users and use-cases, but it’s been requested many times.
  • Export Entities: Ability to export entities in a PDF or similar format. Done!


  • Increase the team of volunteers: I would love for more people to join the team of volunteers (translations, testing) to make the app better for all users.
  • Hit 2’000 users: An awesome milestone could be attained during May! Done!