Version 0.3.3 ALPHA

Please welcome some new and fancy features that should improve your quality of life when using the app!

New Features

  • Key bindings: Hitting Ctrl+S on forms will now save the content [45]
  • When creating a new entity, the name is clickable in the success message [44]
  • Added a “New” button in the view page of an entity [26]
  • Dropdowns now pre-load 10 recently motidies entities [13]
  • Improved search to also look into type, description and history when available [11]

Bug fixes

  • Several small fixes in pt-BR
  • Bug when registering a new account after login out and some variables not being reset
  • Bug when deleting several characters at once that were part of organisations
  • Bug when generating a random character in en-US

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