Version 0.1.1 ALPHA

A second week of not so many features, but they will help out quite a bit!

New Features

  • Dashboard: It is now possible to customise what is visible on your dashboard using the small “cog” icon on the top-right of the dashboard. This is for the user only, and combines with the campaign to define what is visible in the end. It is theoretically possible to show and hide quests, even if they are not yet visible on the dashboard.


  • Relations: All entities except journals can now have relations to any other entities. This will allow a greater flexibility in defining custom structures for everyone!
  • Rich text: Rich text (descriptions, history) now keep the layout when saved (including titles, headers and images).
  • Code refactoring: All entities now use the same code to handle the “index view” of all the entities. This means nothing for users, but makes my life of adding new features easier.
  • List views: when clicking on a column a second time to sort the data, it will now sort descending of alphabetical order.
  • Sidebar: A link to managing your campaigns has been added to the sidebar.

Bug fixes

  • Characters: Mannerisms are no longer duplicated in the Character view interface.

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