Version 0.1.0 ALPHA

Not as many new features this week because I was pretty busy with work and my familly, but I managed to implement some neat stuff that I hope you will all enjoy!

New Features

  • Quests – A new quest element has been added. It currently allows to associate characters and locations with related information. I am still unsure about the direction of quests, so they don’t yet appear on characters and locations. I welcome people to come talk about it in the subreddit!
  • Character and Locations Attributes. This allows you to add custom attributes to these elements. Attributes can be made private from viewers.


  • Characters: Organisations are now also shown in the character “left panel”.
  • Organisations: It is now possible to edit an organisation’s member.
  • Characters: It is now possible to add and edit organisations to characters directly in a character’s organisation tab.
  • Most lists now automatically show elements in an alphabetical order.
  • Character Relations: These are no longer automatically created “both ways”, so you can now create one way relations.

Bug fixes

  • The “Relations” field on Characters, Organisations etc have been fixed to disallow values greater than 45 (to avoid a “whoops” page). This current value mostly be upped to a 100 at some point.

This update pushed the app version to 0.1.0, since there is a major change with the new Quest element.

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