Version 0.0.6 ALPHA

Second release of the week! Nothing flashy but some minor improvements.

New Features

– All forms have been redesigned to be clearer.
– Created the new “Event” entity.
– All “rich texts” (descriptions, histories) can now link to other elements using the “{}” syntax described in the helper.
– Redesigned some core parts of the app in preparation of new developing new features. These changes aren’t visible for users, but will allow me to progress faster.
– Social links now in the footer of every page, to encourage users to send feedback.
– All list of element pages now include the campaign title in the description.
– Character’s age is now a string of max 25 length, instead of a pure numerical value.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug where using the “join” link in an invite email would generate an error.
– Fixed a bug in character creation.
– Fixed missing default image for notes
– Last used campaign is now automatically selected on login again.
– Fixes some titles

Going forward

Please join the conversation other on our kanka reddit, where you can participate in talking about the new features and submitting bug reports.

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