Version 0.0.4 ALPHA

Lots of requested features have been deployed today!

New Features

– The “Invite” system has been completely rewritten to be based on emails sent, with registering using the link automatically adding someone as a viewer to a campaign.
– The “Viewer” mode has been improved and now includes a “Private” option on each entry that will be completely hidden from “Viewer” users. Related to this change, Journals can now be seend by Viewers, but have all been automatically set to private.
– Organisations can now have relations between themselves.
– Locations can now have relations between themselves.
– Campaigns can now be deleted. To delete a campaign, a user must be the last user in the campaign, and be an owner. Otherwise, the button won’t appear.
– Campaigns can now be left. To leave a campaign, if you are an owner, there must be another owner in the campaign for the button to appear.
– Accounts can now be deleted, this will also delete the campaigns they own if there are no other members in said campaign.
– The profile page has been redesigned to be a bit less clunky and easier to use.
– When registering a new account, a “welcome” email is sent.
– UI improvement: Element Location will now also include the parent locations when available.

Bug Fixes

– Some minor performance fixes that didn’t directly affect the experience, but that will be useful when the app has more traffic.

Going forward

Please join the conversation other on our kanka reddit, where you can participate in talking about the new features and submitting bug reports.

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