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1.33 Quick link parents, race locations, filter with children

Dear Kanka users, after a calm summer, we’re back with new features and improvements. We’re delivering two options from the August community vote, namely quick link positioning and filtering with children.

Quick link positioning

Boosted campaigns can now define a after and css field on quick links. The new after field will place the quick link after that element (for example after the “Characters” item in the sidebar) rather than in the general “Quick Links” section. The CSS adds a class to the element for those wanting to style their quick links with campaign styling.

quick link new fields

Race locations

Each race in a campaign can now have locations set for it. This way, you can define in which areas your folks, ancestries, monsters and fauna appear in your world.

race locations

When viewing a location, this information is displayed in the Profile and Connections subpage (in the related table, or related option in the relation explorer).

race locations in the profile

Filter with children

When viewing a campaign’s characters, it is now possible to filter on a specific location and include the sublocations of that location. This is the new With children option on some filters.

subfilter inclusion field

For example, you can now show characters in a specific country and select this new option, which displays characters from the country and all the towns and pubs of that country.

Moving and duplicating posts

Campaign admins can now move or duplicate posts from one entity of a campaign to another. This new option is available in the actions dropdown of posts.

The new interface allows selecting if a copy should be made, rather than moving the post. The copy will include any permissions the post had.

New rendering for field:entry mentions

Previously, creating a [mention:123|field:entry] would inject the target’s entry as an ugly link element when rendering. From now one, such mentions render a valid HTML block wrapper in a entry-mention mention-field-entry div block, itself starting with a link element with the target’s entry name, and the target’s entry field rendered below.

This allows you to properly include entry elements from external entities in your entries, and style them in a way which is more enjoyable to read.

new rendering loop for field:entry mentions


When mentioning an entity in the default text editor (Summernote), the option to create “new” entities are now available when an exact match of the search term isn’t found.

mention new options

In the text editor, a new “@” button now shows the basics for the mentions system, with a link to the full docs.

text editor mention option
mention popup in the text editor

The gallery plugin in the text editor has also been updated and should cause less issues when loading large galleries.

To make your life styling tables slightly easier, a plugin has been added to the text editor for that purpose. When a table cell is clicked on in the text editor, a new option allows the selection of some basic CSS classes.

summernote table styling

When approving an application to join a campaign, a custom message can now be sent to the new campaign member.

A new interface is available on timelines to reorder their eras instead of using the confusing start and end dates. This new interface is available when viewing a timeline and clicking on the “Reorder eras” submenu to the left. This interface only works on devices with a mouse.

When editing a campaign, a new “Default relation explorer mode” option is available in the Interface tab. This allows campaigns to set which mode is loaded by default on the relation explorer.

campaign default relation explorer mode selector

Should you decide to cancel your subscription, the custom reason field is now always visible. We’ve also tweaked the default options based on user feedback.

cancellation form custom reason


A new /entities/{entity}/permissions endpoint allows users to view and change permissions of entities. Find out more here.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue with an organisation’s members not displaying if the organisation had no direct members in it.

When a quest or journal has a calendar date on an intercalary month, it now shows the intercalary month’s name instead of the month’s number.

If a map used OpenStreetMap, the “explore” button wouldn’t display.

Fixed issues with the API search crashing.

It is now possible to subscription to a yearly Wyvern pledge with Sofort and Giropay.

When exploring a map, markers would sometimes not be shown if a group was private.

Fixed an issue with the public campaign search resulting in a server error.

Adding entities to abilities would sometimes crash instead of saving.

When creating a post with the quick creator, no error message was shown if there was no valid entity selected.

Fixed an issue on marketplace plugins where it was impossible to remove the last tag.

That’s it for this update! If you missed the previous one, you can read it here.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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