1.23 - Multiple families

1.23 – Multiple families, more visible birthdays

Dear Kanka users, we are already back with a big update! We’re introducing the community vote winner, allowing multiple families on characters, and a bunch of other goodies.

Multiple families for characters

Time for some family drama! Characters can now have multiple families. The same way characters were recently allowed to have multiple races, the same is now true for families.

Multiple families on character forms
multiple families in character profile sidebar

For our API users, to not break your scripts, a character still gives back a single family_id, but will require an array of families when creating or updating a character.

Birthdays are back on the profile sidebar

When redesigning the character view last year, the automatic age and death calculation were moved away. They are now back on the profile sidebar of a character!

General improvements to Kanka

We’ve made the cancellation of a subscription clearer. The cancel subscription button is now clearly labelled as such. The cancellation form now also allows you to select cancellation reasons from a dropdown, while still allowing a custom reason to be filled out.

subscription cancellation form
subscription cancellation form

If a campaign module is disabled, trying to access the module by changing the url no longer works. Instead, an error with a link explaining that the module isn’t available is shown.

error for disabled module of a campaign

When adding new months, weeks, moons, seasons or other elements to a calendar, the icon showing that the field can be moved around has been removed. This feature is still available, but only for already existing elements, as it always was the case. This change simply makes it clearer that the feature isn’t available for new elements.

In a campaign’s theming interface, we’re adding the current theme override value. This value can now be modified directly from the theming interface.

campaign theming current theme

We’ve changed the way the account page works slightly. Rather than ask you to confirm the password on each form, it now asks it just once when accessing the page.

Embeds from box.com are now possible!

Our servers have been beefed up, allowing twice as many fields sent with each request. This only comes into play on entities with more than a hundred attributes. The marketplace also now blocks adding more attributes if the max number has been reached.

We’re continuing our efforts to improve the experience for new users. The FAQ no longer exists, with the knowledge base growing instead. The knowledge base interface was also massively beautified. Lastly, our translation team can now also translate the knowledge base, so expect it to keep improving.

Bug fixes

No update is complete without a bunch of bug fixes.

Nodes on the relation explorer now work on mobile. Also fixed some wrong labels on elements.

Races now save when adding them to multiple characters as a time.

In the characters filters, excluding an organisation now works.

Social links in the welcome email now work on mobile mail apps.

A relation to a deleted entity no longer counts in the total number of relations of an entity.

Fixed an issue with trying to login or register with an email already in the database. Instead of showing the registration form, the login form is now shown.

That’s it for 1.23! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it! If you missed 1.22, you can head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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