1.14.1 Small Improvements

Kanka 1.14.1 – Small improvements to your quality of life

We haven’t had a smaller update in a long time, but figured we can have one while waiting for the latest community vote to finish with these small improvements. In case you missed it, we recently released Kanka 1.14 – Printing Entities Finally Looks Good.

Small improvements

We have added links to campaigns on some of the notifications (ie new application, new member).

Dashboard widgets have a new “75%” option to go along the 25% option. The preview custom name field now supports {name}.

When viewing the mentions of an entity, clicking on a post mention will scroll to the post.

The entity link asset on boosted campaigns won’t show a redirect warning if heading to a Kanka page.

Bug fixes

Map markers: the custom circle radius is changeable when editing a marker, same for the custom entry field. We also now hide the background colour field when working with a label, as that option isn’t available.

Fixed some issues with the connections page of boosted campaigns. If the campaign setting is set to table, it now correctly loads it.

Tooltip images of entities when the entity name is too long no longer wrap.

The entities page of an ability now properly displays the entity images.

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