Kanka v1.5 - map copy

Kanka v1.5 – improved markers, map copy, icon attributes, ability note parsing and more

Dear Kanka users, we’re releasing features from our latest roadmap. We’ve focused on improving maps, namely the copy map interfaces. We’ve also released some improvements to attributes, and the note field on entity abilities.

New Features for Maps

Following the Community vote, we’ve spend some time improving maps in a few various ways.

First of all, we’re adding new options for the polygon marker to control the border properties (size, opacity, colour). We’ve also reworked the marker form to work better on various screen sizes.

kanka map copy stroke options

The circle marker now has a custom radius field to better control just how big you want your circles.

The biggest feature comes from copying maps. When copying a map, a new “copy elements” option is available on the form’s “copy options” tab. This option is checked by default, and copies layers, groups and markers on the newly created map.

When copying a map to another campaign, this option is now also available and checked by default. Markers that target entities will be copied over as markers with the entity’s name in the name field of the marker.

kanka map copy options

We’ve also reworked the marker tooltips. The text field under label markers was moved to the main form. The text will now display in the tooltip and explore sidebar of all markers when provided.

Lastly, we’ve added some HTML classes to the sidebar to wrap the entity’s entry field to allow custom css targeting.

Improvements to search, abilities and attributes

When searching for an entity in a dropdown, you can now prefix the name with = to make an exact match. So for example, if you have multiple characters called Alex, you can now search for =Alex_Mercer to get the exact match.

kanka exact match on related search

This option is now also available for mentions. We’ve also documented the use of _ to look for spaces in entity names when searching for mentions.

We recently added custom notes on entity abilities. With 1.5, we’re adding support for advanced mentions and attribute parsing. You can now reference attributes of an entity by name as detailed in the following example.

kanka ability note parsing
kanka ability note parsing result

Since we’ve progressed on the winner of the roadmap, we’re also releasing a first small improvement to the runner up. Attributes can now reference fontawesome and rpgawesome icons. The syntax is [icon:ra ra-skull] and can be used in both the names and value fields of attributes.

kanka attributes icon syntax
kanka attributes icon result

API v1 Deprecation

We’ve removed the old api/v1 API routes. The documentation has always mentioned api/1.0, while v1 was only communicated during the initial tests of the API three years ago.

On the topic of the API, API requests without the authorisation token no longer redirect to the login page. It will now throw a proper error and a link to the API docs.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug when updating your user profile settings that would unset some of the other settings (ex marketplace name and default to nested).

Reworked the CSS of the achievements page of superboosted campaigns for the various themes to be more readable.

Fixed a bug on map tooltips with special characters.

Removed the “location” field on ability sub-abilities page and showing the “type” field instead.

Fixed several problems with condition statements for marketplace attribute templates.

Updated the getting started emails to no longer contain Patreon references.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server! If you’re new to Kanka, we recently release two new tutorials for checking permissions and working with the API.

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