Release 0.50.1 - end of year improvements

Release 0.50.1 – End of year improvements

Dear users, this is our last release of the year! We’re releasing a bunch of smaller quality of life improvements to close off a crazy 2020 where Kanka became a company and our full time jobs.


Added the ability to set custom weather texts in the calendar module.

Abilities can now reference attributes of an entity using the {attribute name} syntax.

Quick links can now link to a random entity of the campaign. This option can now also filter on a specific entity type.

We’ve added a new Media page for people building tools that interact with Kanka and need a high resolution logo.


The /entities/<id> endpoint now includes a child property that represents the character/location/etc.

Entity Notes recovered through the API now also include the entry_parsed property that converts mentions into Kanka links.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with inventories of entities not loading for unlogged users.

Fixed a bug in the API no longer returning the sync property.

That’s it for 2020. We’ve had a challenging yet amazing year and hope to see you all for more Kankaness in 2021! And don’t forget to join our amazing community over onĀ Discord.

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