Release 0.34.1


  • Campaign Roles: added a small warning in the campaign roles page for the public role if the role has permissions but the campaign isn’t set to public.
  • Attributes: re-did the entity attributes saving mechanism to result in less errors and loss of data. This also means new attributes can now also be “dragged” around when editing an entity.

Bug fixes

  • Filters: changing page keeps the set filters.
  • Character filters: fixed the race filter.
  • Quests: mentions in the quest characters, locations, items and organisation will now properly link to the mentioned entity. This required re-doing the existing mentions.
  • Entity Recovery: recovering a calendar no longer loses most of the information.
  • Calendar dashboard widget: future recurring events are now also included (for events occuring for the first time in the next two years from the current date)
  • Journals and Quest: editing one of these entities that were linked to a deleted calendar no longer causes an error.

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