Patreon and the Future of Kanka

Dear Patrons and Users,

As some of you might have noticed, last week saw a huge increase in number of users in the app and in the discord. This is all part of a greater plan that I have for Kanka, for the community and for myself, which I’ll describe with this announcement.

The 27th of October will mark the one year anniversary since I’ve started working on Kanka. What started out as a way for me to organise my homebrew world in something easier to use and share than a MediaWiki has transformed into an app with several thousand users and an active community on Discord. It no longer only serves my needs, but it helps users plan and manage their worlds and campaigns, and allowing them to spend more time on the fun parts of running a game, and less time on the boring book keeping. Kanka’s goal is and will remain to allow people to have more fun.

With a growing user base comes more responsibility. Working on the app, being responsive to user’s desires and questions, filming tutorial videos, writing monthly announcements, making sure the servers run smoothly, all of these things and more are taking a larger and larger chunk of my time every week.

My motivation and love for this project and community hasn’t wavered one bit, quite the contrary. It has grown and continues to do so with each happy user.

So I’ve decided I want to try something crazy, because I want to be able to dedicate more time to work on Kanka, on adding awesome features that make session prep and running the game